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How long does the SCALE activity last?
  1. The duration of your experience will depend on the activity booked.
  2. Please allow the following time for each activity:
  • 1 Hour for CLIMB
  • 1 Hour 30 mins for CLIMB & ZIP
  • 1 Hour 30 mins for CLIMB & DROP
  • 2 Hours for CLIMB, ZIP & DROP
The ZIP and DROP can be added on as extras during the checkout process of the CLIMB which you can book here.

Key information
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What is the difference between a ZIP and a DROP?
ZIP is a zipwire attraction that allows you to fly from one stadium mast to another.
DROP is an abseil from the stadium roof to the ground. 
To book your SCALE adventure, please click here

SCALE CLIMB vouchers for youths
Please note that you can purchase a SCALE CLIMB voucher for youths only, but at the time that you redeem the voucher, the youth(s) will have to be accompanied by an adult in the booking. 

Am I allowed to drink alcohol before or during my SCALE Activity?
You will not be allowed to participate in any SCALE activity if you are under the influence of alcohol/drugs. SCALE will not tolerate any form of abuse (physical or verbal) from customers towards any member of staff.

I can't find any availability on my preferred date, what can I do?
If you are unable to book a CLIMB on your preferred date, the CLIMB is either fully booked or we are not available that day. Please contact our SCALE Roof Adventure Team on 02920 822432 |Email:

Do you accept payments in cash?
SCALE Activity operates a cashless policy we accept card payments (apart from AMEX), contactless Apple or Android Pay.

Are there any weight restrictions for SCALE?
Our weight restrictions are as follows;

Minimum weight to Climb 5st/31.8kg
Maximum weight to Climb 21st /133kg

Are my friends an family able to watch?
We do not have a viewing place for spectators inside the stadium. You are able to watch people participating in the DROP activity on the River Walk (near gate 1).

What's the difference between SCALE CLIMB and SCALE Alternative CLIMB?

Both climb 15 flights of stairs to reach the iconic Principality Stadium Roof. The SCALE CLIMB includes the magnificent archway, roof edge and Cardiff Skyline, whilst the SCALE Alternative CLIMB includes the roof edge and Cardiff Skyline. To book your SCALE adventure, please click here.

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