Important: The below information is only relevant to tickets purchased via the WRU Official Online Ticket Office. If you have purchased tickets from any other source, such as a local rugby Club or third party, please contact your point of purchase in the first instance. 

At the time that your digital tickets are issued, they are sent to the mobile number that is listed on your WRU Ticketing account. In order for your tickets to be received to your Principality Stadium Ticketing app, the mobile number listed on your ticketing account will need to be the same as the number you have used to register for the app. If your mobile number is incorrect at the point that your digital tickets are issued, you will need to contact the WRU Customer and Supporter Services Team, who will be able to update your tickets with the correct mobile number and ensure that they are successfully delivered to your app.

If your mobile number is incorrect, please take the below steps to contact us:

  • Please note that requests for tickets to be updated can only be made by the original ticket purchaser and cannot be accepted from any other party. To ensure that your request is actioned as quickly as possible, please ensure that you contact us using the same email address that was used to purchase your tickets.
  • To contact us, please email and include details of the event/opposition,  block, row and seat details of the tickets that you have purchased and also the correct mobile number that you have used to register for the Principality Stadium Ticketing app. If any further information is required to update your tickets, we will contact you to request this.
  • When contacting us via email, we aim to respond to queries within 48 hours.
  • Once your request has been approved, your digital tickets will be updated to the correct mobile number and they will appear within your app.