What is WRU Official Supporter Exchange?

The WRU Official Supporter Exchange is an exchange platform that provides safe, secure and guaranteed ticket exchanges between supporters and clubs.

Please find our official press release here.

Who can sell on the Supporter Exchange?

Any customers who have purchased tickets through the WRU can sell on the Official Supporter Exchange. You must be the original ticket purchaser of the tickets either through our e-ticketing website or with the ticket office directly. WRU clubs will also be able to list tickets for resale. Please know, you will not be able to sell complimentary tickets on Seat Unique.

How do I sell on the Supporter Exchange?

Please click here and click the Log in button and then Create Account. You will need to set up an account using the same email address and mobile number as used on your e-ticketing account. To check your information please log in to the e-ticketing website and click My Account and then Update Details. 

How will I receive my tickets?

You will receive your tickets digitally via the Principality Stadium app. For more information on this, please click here

When will I receive my tickets?

Please know tickets need to be distributed by the WRU before sellers can transfer them. If the tickets have been distributed then sellers have 48 hours to return the tickets to the WRU once their listing has sold. The WRU will then send these to the buyer. If you have not received tickets 48 hours prior to the match, please get in touch.

Can all customers use the Supporter Exchange?

All customers who purchase with the WRU directly will be able to list their tickets for sale. Should you be in possession of a complimentary ticket you will not be able to list this for sale. If you have been transferred or gifted tickets, you will not be able to list these as you are not the original purchaser. 

Is it safe to sell tickets on the Supporter Exchange?

Yes. The WRU Supporter Exchange is a fully verified platform. All sellers have to pass our verification process in order to create an account. They also must be verified as the original ticket owner before they can sell tickets on the platform.