You may have seen our recent media statement regarding the reports of the unauthorised accessing of data of certain members of our Supporters Club by a news agency called Cyber News.  Having undertaken a thorough investigation in relation to this.

The data fields included in the data accessed were first name, last name, date of birth, email address, physical address and membership type. We can confirm that no password or payment information was included.  All of the data has since been removed from the online source and it has already been established that no password or payment information was compromised.  Nor was this data shared by the news agency that accessed the data and reported the issue

The data accessed was held by our commercial partner that manages the Supporters Club on our behalf, Fourth Wall, who were subject to a cyber attack by white hat hackers, who discovered a weakness in the AWS security.  They have confirmed that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure that this does not happen again.  This has included deleting the data from the location that it was accessed.

No other vulnerabilities or suspicious activities have been found following a thorough review of all of the WRU’s systems and processes.  We would suggest, however, that you remain vigilant for any unusual or unexpected e-mails that you receive – particularly any requests that you may receive to click on links or asking for payment.

The WRU has been liaising with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) throughout. The ICO has confirmed that no further action will be taken against the WRU.

If you have any concerns or require any further information about this you can contact the WRU Customer Care Team via email


What data was taken?
Name, Address, Email, Date of Birth, WRU Membership

Was any Password or Payment information taken?
No, this is not stored and was not accessed.

Is the information still available?
No as soon as we became aware, the data was completely removed from the source.

What is a white hack hacker?
A white hat hacker -- or ethical hacker -- is an individual who uses hacking skills to identify security vulnerabilities in hardware, software or networks. However, unlike black hat hackers -- or malicious hackers -- white hat hackers respect the rule of law as it applies to hacking.