If you require assistance when attending the stadium, please ask for the accessibility stewards (they will be wearing white high-viability vests) at the first line of security check stewards. 

They will direct you through the accessibility lane which is a wider entrance point at the gates. The team there also have use of emergency wheelchairs they can use to assist you by way of transporting you into the grounds through the security check point, through the ticket scanning gates and bring you to block location. 

If you require this process in reverse at the end of the fixture please speak to the steward on hand at the entrance to your block within the stadium. They will then be able to assist you by calling for an accessibility steward to bring an emergency wheelchair to your location and escort you out of the grounds. 

Please note that this process may take some time to wait for an emergency wheelchair to become available.

Also the use of the accessibility lane is available to all who require it.

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