When completing a purchase online via the WRU's e-ticketing website, we will use the postal address registered to your account for the delivery of your purchase. In order to update the address on your account, please take the following steps:

- Visit the WRU's E-Ticketing website by clicking here
- Login using the email address and password that was used to purchase the tickets
- Go to ‘My account’ at the top right hand corner of the webpage
- Choose ‘Update details’ in the drop down box that appears
- Once the address has been amended, click ‘Save details’

If you have made a purchase and need to update the delivery address, you will need to contact the WRU Customer Care Team via email at Customercare@wru.wales and include the details of your purchase.

Please note that if your order has already been dispatched prior to contacting us, duplicate tickets may be required. For full information regarding duplicate tickets, please click here

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