Important: The window to request a refund has now closed. For refund enquires please email

Refund FAQs

How long will my refund take?

We aim to process all refunds within 14 days of the application deadline date. Due to staff working from home this may take longer than usual, please only contact us after 14 days if you have not received your refund. 

I purchased as part of a group booking, how will I be refunded?

Group bookings will be refunded directly back to the original purchaser. Please note that refund requests can only be accepted from the original purchaser.

Will I be refunded booking fees / postage?

You will be refunded the face value amount of your transaction.  Booking and postage fees are not able to be refunded as these services will have already been utilised by supporters during the original transaction.

Do I need to return my tickets to be refunded?

No, refunds will automatically be processed and tickets do not need to be returned.

How do I receive a refund for tickets purchased from the WRU by cash or cheque?

Firstly, you will need to apply for a refund using the online form by following the above process. You will then be contacted by a member of the WRU Ticket Office to arrange a refund of the face value of the tickets by bank transfer.

If you have not discussed your refund with a member of our team within 30 days of receiving the form, please contact us by emailing