We are busy preparing for Welsh Rugby to return and are looking at ways to keep all our supporters and staff safe. As a small step forward, we are asking all our Debenture Holders to create an online account. This will enable us to manage your account safely by removing contact and handling of physical documents, as well as being considerate to our environment.

It is important you register online before 4 July 2020.

How to move your account online:

STEP 01 - Please visit www.wru.wales/moveonline

STEP 02 - Enter your Debenture number, which begins with the letter R (i.e. R050000), into the Membership Code field and then your Surname.

STEP 03 - Complete the required registration information and set your email preferences.

STEP 04 - Your online account is now complete. You will receive an email to confirm you are all set up and we will email when the window to apply for the 2nd release of 140th Anniversary Seats is open.

STEP 05 - When Rugby returns, we will email you to let you know when you can purchase your tickets. Simply log in using your email and password and your tickets will be reserved for you to buy.

Due to the success of the recent 140th Anniversary Debenture Series, we are also pleased to inform you that a new Debenture offering for seats located within the middle tier at Principality Stadium will become exclusively available to you in the near future.

When our new Debenture offering becomes available, please note that we will no longer be receiving application forms via post. The application process for our new Debenture offering will be held completely online, so it is important that you visit www.wru.wales/moveonline and set up your online account as soon as possible. For further guidance on how to register online, please follow the step by step guide overleaf.

Due to the limited number of seats available, this Debenture offer will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. All online applications will be timestamped, with any further communications to also be followed up via email by our Debentures Team.

If you do not have an email address and you are not able to create one for yourself, we would recommend that you ask a trusted family member to provide their email address as your preferred point of contact for your online account. If you do provide us with a trusted family members email address, please note that this family member will be notified via email about any future priority window(s) for any Debenture offering(s)  including ticket purchasing; and that they will also need to keep you informed of any such email notifications moving forwards.

If you have any queries please email debenture@wru.wales and we will be happy to assist.