The 140th Anniversary Debenture Series is only available to current Debenture Holders and consists of 1000 seats across both middle and upper tiers of Principality Stadium. 

When will I receive my 140th Anniversary Debenture Certificates?

If you have successfully purchased a 140th Anniversary Debenture seat you will receive your certificate in April 2021 when your new term begins. Your certificate(s) will be sent by post so please ensure that the address details on your account are up to date.

When will my new Debenture seats become active?

Your new Debenture seat(s) are effective from 1st April 2021.

Can I transfer my 140th Anniversary Debenture Series seat(s)?

If you would like to transfer your new Debenture seat(s) to either friends or family please contact the WRU Debenture Team for a transfer form on

Please note that your new seats will only be able to be transferred following their activation in April 2021.

When will the 140th Debenture Series expire?

If you have purchased seats in the middle tier your seats will expire in 2050. Seats in the upper tier will expire in 2035.

Can I still apply for the 140th Anniversary Debenture Series?

The application deadline for the 140th Anniversary Debenture Series has now passed. Those who have been successful have already been contacted by the WRU Debenture Office. If your application for the 140th Anniversary series was unsuccessful, we will keep you on our waiting list and be in touch if any seats become available in the future. Alternatively, if you wish to be added to our waiting for our new Debenture Exchange portal please contact

Can I consolidate my current Debenture seat(s) with my new seat(s)?

The new Debenture Series offers Debenture holders the chance to purchase additional seats to increase their Debenture holdings at Principality Stadium. We are unable to offer consolidation of Debenture seats currently across any of our series.